3D Backdrops


Little Red Balloon does not do only balloon decorations, we also provide 3D backdrops for our clients too! 3D backdrops are unique and extremely stunning to have as a focal point for parties.

We are the first in Singapore to provide 3D backdrops for parties and corporate events. You may have seen lots of dessert table set ups but you don’t get to see 3d backdrops so often.

If you want a WOW factor for your party this is IT.

Love it?

To place an order for our 3D backdrops, we would require a minimum of 1 month’s notice for planning, designing and crafting of your desired theme.

Call 8161 8448 or email sales@littleredballoon.com.sg to get your fully customised backdrop now.

Great News! We are having a promo for our latest Semi 3D backdrop launch!


Make your selection from these 4 themes below:

Call 8161 8448 or email sales@littleredballoon.com.sg to get your semi 3D backdrops now. 

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