5 Popular Balloon Sculptures In Parties

When you are invited to a baby shower or children birthday parties, have you notice the popular balloon sculptures that the children have requested for? If the balloon artist is making the sculpture repeatedly it means the sculpture is popular 🙂


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Heart-Shape Wand

Most of the girls like this type of heart wand as it looks big and nice. It serves like a magic wand because they like to imagine them as princesses carrying a magic wand. We can also attach little animals clinging on to the wand. It also reminds me of the cartoon Silver Moon anime cartoon.


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Machine Guns

We have girls asking for heart shape wands so what are the boys’ favourite sculpture? Yes! its machine guns. We often hear them requesting for a machine gun as they can play with their friends. Sometimes not only 1 but 2 to 3 more.


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Balloon Sword

Boys’ next favourite sculpture is balloon sword. I have done so many sculpting events and really, the most popular are swords and guns. Sometimes, the boys will order swords and guns together. Then you will see them having a little show down with each other with the balloons.


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Balloon Flower

There are 2 types of flowers that the girls like to request. The flower with petals and flower bracelets. Flower bracelets can be worn on the wrist and flower balloons can be held by the stalk.


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Balloon Giraffe

From my experience, once i’ve made this sculpture, even adults also will queue up and request from me. I have done an event where all the invited guest brought home a giraffe each.

These are the top 6 favourite sculptures in parties, of course there are also a few more others like dogs, butterflies and elephants etc.

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Balloon Sculpting in Childcare

Here’s a pic of me doing sculpting for a birthday party that i did at a childcare centre last year 🙂


Little Red Balloon



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