Ada’s 1st Birthday Party – Balloon Decorations For Birthday Parties

Last week we did Ada’s 1st birthday party at South Beach Hotel. The party was held at an open air space beside the swimming pool. It was pretty challenging to do up the decor with the strong winds blowing.

As the venue was huge, we recommended Joey, Ada’s mummy to get the 3D backdrop as the centerpiece for the event. To compliment the rest of the area, we decorated the whole area with balloons in an English Garden theme to match the backdrop.

In case you are wondering, a 3D backdrop looks like this.

Ada's 3D backdrop
Ada’s 3D backdrop

Looks cool right? These 3D backdrops are different from 2D printed backdrops as our designers design the whole backdrop from scratch making every creation unique for your party. After the design is finalized, the image would be sent to the sculptors for crafting. Its an eye opener to actually see your favourite cartoon come to life.

Our balloon decorations consist of a welcome Balloon Arch at the entrance, a pair of Balloon Columns at each end of the venue and 2 Balloon Tree Displays.

Balloon Garland
Balloon Garland

This is the Balloon Garland that we did. It was 20m long!

Assistant Leyeon created these 2 beautiful balloon trees!

Balloon Arch Decoration
Balloon Arch Decoration

This is the standard size and basic spiral arch. Spiral arches are the most popular arch designs that customers order.

Balloon Column Decorations are very popular as well. They are usually placed at the side of dessert table for birthday parties and they act as a nice backdrop for photo taking.

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