Meredith’s Carnival themed 1st birthday party – Sponsored for Bong QiuQiu

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Last week  the Little Red Balloon sponsored balloon decorations for Meredith, Bong Qiu Qiu‘s daughter’s, 1st birthday party. We were approached by Assemble Happinest to be part of the sponsorship for Meredith’s 1st birthday party and the theme was outdoor carnival party.

The location was at Zhongshan Park’s Starker restaurant as well as the grass patch outside. That was where the carnival booths, games, popcorn and candy floss were supposed to be.

We reached there at 2.30pm and began our set up for popcorn arch, helium balloon bouquets and clown columns. The wind was not in our favour and we struggled to prevent the popcorn arch from being blown down. The other vendors also had a hard time setting up their tents because of the weather. The sky looked threatening but the weather held up.

balloon decorations singapore
Popcorn Arch

Our popcorn arch fell down during mid set up as the wind was very very strong.Using additional water weights and attaching them to the arch, we managed to stablise it and adjust the arch back into position.

balloon arch singapore
Attaching our balloon alphabets onto the Popcorn Arch

It was a tough job outdoors, my assistant Leyeon and I hurried to paste the foils alphabets “MERE GO ROUND” on the arch and set up the popcorn board. In case you were wondering, “MERE GO ROUND” is Meredith’s instagram username. Big thanks to Party Parlour for sponsoring the boards for the popcorn arch 🙂


helium balloons singapore

Assemble Happiness also requested for heliums balloons to decor the restaurant’s interior. We made 25 bouquets of 4 balloons which were used as table centerpieces in the little popcorn holders and spread all over the first and second floor of the restaurant.

Helium balloons bouquets are perfect for table centrepieces as they do not take up much space and gives the venue a festive feel.

What’s carnival party without clown decorations?  We made 4 clowns and spread them around the tents to bring up the atmosphere. The clown decorations totally screamed “carnival”at the event.

At about 6pm, Qiu Qiu arrived at the party and she toured around the grounds. I managed to get a quick shot with her before rushing off to my next gig.

blogger bong qiu qiu
Blogger Bong Qiu Qiu and I

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Read up more on the carnival party at her blog 🙂


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