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Seems familiar? Do you remember where you had last seen a rainbow coming out from a person’s mouth? Its from snapchat! This snapchat rainbow was in trend for at least 2 months that even celebrities were playing with it.

No doubt, even our clients were asking for this iconic image to be done for balloons.

Little Red Balloon’s speciality is to create absolutely anything that you request for.

Here’s our doll with the snapchat rainbow below.

singapore balloons
Snapchat Rainbow

Tadah! Looks nice and real doesn’t it?

singapore balloons
Our balloon doll, accompanied with a snapchat cake by Abite .

The birthday girl and her friend 🙂

If you have any items that you would like us to customise, feel free to call in and ask, alternatively you can also pm us at Little Red Balloon.

Little Red Balloon



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