Top 5 highlights at kids parties

Ever wonder how some people always manage to throw the best parties? Look no further. We have summarized the top 5 highlights of Children’s birthday parties and the MUST haves at the event. Well.. if your budget & venue allows, do engage a few of these 5 services to make your event the talk of the town!

Here’s the list of the Top 5 services that clients engage for kids parties.

singapore balloon sculptures

Balloon Sculpting

Balloon sculpting is very popular till date. Most of the customers that organize birthday parties would hire a balloon artist to entertain the kids. Our artists would create the sculptures on the spot which is an eye opener for the kids and parents waiting in the queue.

Balloon sculpting is not only popular for parties, they are also a hit for roadshows, block parties and weddings because kids and adults get to take home a souvenir from the event.

singapore children magicians


Magic has always been one of the best forms of entertainment which never fails to captivate audiences of all ages.

In Singapore we have 3 kinds of magic shows, the first being Stage Magic Shows for corporations, second would be Roving Magicians and the third is Children’s Magic. If you do not have a stage to hold Stage magic performances at your party, do not fret, you can get a Roving magician to entertain your guests. Roving Magicians are usually engaged for wedding receptions, road shows or company dinner and dance events. They go around searching for groups of people and show them some tricks on the spot.

Children’s magic would be for kids birthday parties. The magician would get the kids to sit on the floor close to him and he will then wow them with his tricks. Kids magic usually incorporates some performance with balloon and the kids would be invited to participate in the magic act. The birthday boy or girl would be made the limelight of the party during the performance.

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singapore popcorn and candyfloss

Popcorn & Candyfloss

Don’t you just love the smell of fresh popped corn? Popcorn is not only a hit at movies. They are also great for weddings, corporate events and birthday parties. They are great for before and after meal snacks.

Big balls of pink coloured cotton candy just screams “the party’s here” at events. Kids absolutely love munching on the sticky sweet cotton.

Our candyfloss is available in various flavors. Grape and Strawberry are the most popular!

For popcorn, you can choose to have it sweet or salted.


singapore face painting


Facepainting is another activity which is high in demand at birthday parties. You can see children having butterflies painted on their faces, dinosaur paintings on the back of their hands and cartoon characters on theie arms. Kids love them cause they get to have their very own tattoo of their favourite character.

All our artists use Tag bodyart brand of face paints which are FDA approved and they have been certified as non toxic. The “tattoo” comes off after 1 wash so no worries about it being permanent.


little red balloon sg

Bouncy Castle

Have you attended a party with a bouncy castle? At the sight of bouncy castles, kids go wild with joy. It can keep children entertained from the start to the end of the party.

For parties that had big bouncy castles, we even saw adults entering the castle and they had the time of their life jumping in the air filled structure.

If your venue allows, go ahead and get one. All your guests would be going home with big smiles on their faces!


Little Red Balloon



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